Impactful Investments: Cement Distributor

Kenya has positioned itself as the seventh largest economy in Sub-Saharan Africa1 and the largest economy in East Africa,2 with a GDP of $44.1 billion in 2013 and an average annual growth rate of 4.4% since 2009.3 However, the country’s relatively modest level of competitiveness in the global marketplace has historically prevented it from enjoying more robust economic growth. In particular, inadequate communication and transport infrastructure have created barriers to doing business at both the domestic and international levels.

In September 2014, TriLinc provided a $5,000,000 trade finance facility to a cement company operating in southern Kenya that is focused on enhancing the country’s infrastructure. Established in 2008, the borrower recently completed the construction of its first plant - a cement grinding facility that produces cement varieties for small, medium and large-scale infrastructure applications, including transport. TriLinc’s financing is expected to support the borrower’s continued growth through the purchase of key cement inputs and the expansion of its distribution network. As a part of this growth, the borrower also anticipates that it will grow its employee base to meet increased production demands.

Mindful of its impact on the environment, the borrower monitors its particulate matter emissions on a daily basis to ensure adherence to World Health Organization guidelines and is on track for the 2015 implementation of an ISO 14000 Environmental Management System. The borrower seeks to optimize energy efficiency through automated operations, energy storing capacitor banks, dust reduction equipment, and state-of-the-art roller press and separator technologies. As the only African majority-owned cement manufacturer in Kenya, the borrower actively contributes to its surrounding communities through supporting sustainable health, environmental, educational, and recreational initiatives.


Past performance is no guarantee of future results. This borrower and the information presented represents an actual transaction in TriLinc Global Impact Fund.
1) World Bank, GDP Ranking, 2014
2) World Economic Forum, The Global Competitiveness Report, 2014-2015
3) World Bank, World Development Indicators Database, 2014
4) There is no assurance that our investment in the borrower or this market will be successful or will have the desired impact.
5) The current loan commitment amount represents the current amount that is available to the borrower under the agreement. This amount may change over time.
6) Note, this is not a measure of TriLinc’s investment performance nor is it necessarily indicative of distributions that TriLinc may provide to investors.
7) The collateral coverage ratio is the amount of collateral the borrower must maintain in relation to the total amount outstanding on the facility.

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