Management Team

The following are TriLinc's Management Team.

Gloria Nelund, Chairman & CEO

Gloria S. Nelund

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President

Gloria S. Nelund has served as our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since our formation in April 2012 and became our President in December 2014. In addition, she has served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of our Advisor since its formation in April 2012, Chief Compliance Officer of our Advisor from October 2013 to March 2019, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of our Sponsor since its formation in August 2008, and President of our Sponsor from December 2014 to October 2015.

From October 2006 until August 2008, Ms. Nelund served as the President and founder of Titus Development Group, LLC, a consulting firm focusing on strategy development, business planning and launch for start-up companies, as well as growth planning for small to mid-sized firms. Prior to founding Titus Development, LLC, Ms. Nelund spent her career as a high-level executive in the international Asset Management Industry. Most recently, Ms. Nelund served as Head of the U.S. Private Wealth Management Division at Deutsche Bank, the world’s fifth largest financial institution. In this capacity, Ms. Nelund held fiduciary responsibility for more than $50 billion in investment assets, including more than $20 billion in emerging markets and credit instruments. In addition to this role, Ms. Nelund served as the only female member of the Global Private Wealth Management Executive Committee. Ms. Nelund served as the Managing Director of Scudder Kemper Investments prior to its purchase by Deutsche Bank.

Prior to her tenure at Deutsche Bank, Ms. Nelund spent 16 years as an executive at Bank of America/Security Pacific Bank, most notably as President and CEO of BofA Capital Management, Inc., an investment management subsidiary managing $35 billion in assets for both retail and institutional investors. In addition to managing fixed income and equity mutual funds in both the U.S. and internationally, Ms. Nelund’s division was responsible for managing assets on behalf of public funds, common trust funds and corporate funds. Ms. Nelund also spent five years as Manager of Worldwide Sales and Marketing of BofA Global Asset Management and three years as CEO of InterCash Capital Advisors, Inc., a $15 billion investment management subsidiary of Security Pacific Bank.

Ms. Nelund has been a pioneer in the development of social impact products for institutional and high net worth investors. While at Scudder, she supported the development and growth of one of the industry’s first socially responsible investment (SRI) products. In addition, Ms. Nelund was instrumental in making Deutsche Bank a major institutional supporter of microcredit, creating multiple programs for Private Wealth Management clients.

Ms. Nelund brings to us more than 40 years of experience in executive management of financial institutions, as well as deep expertise in the creation, sales and distribution of financial products within the wealth management community.

In addition to her activities with TriLinc, Ms. Nelund is Chairman of the Board and Independent Trustee for Victory Funds, a mutual fund complex with more than $32.9 billion in assets under management. She is also a life-long supporter of development-oriented philanthropic causes. While at Deutsche Bank, Ms. Nelund served on the Board of the Deutsche Bank Americas Community Development Group, with responsibility for providing loans, investments, and grants to targeted organizations throughout the U.S. and Latin America. She has also volunteered as a teacher of at-risk youth in the Los Angeles Unified School District and the YMCA of Los Angeles. Ms. Nelund currently sits on the board of multiple not-for-profit organizations and actively supports entrepreneurship research and education. She is an active speaker and guest lecturer on Impact Investing at conferences and several top business schools, including Wheaton, Kellogg, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ms. Nelund attended the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio as a Business and Economics major, and she is a graduate of the University of Virginia Colgate Darden Graduate School’s Sales and Marketing Executives Program.

We believe that Ms. Nelund’s qualifications to serve as Chairman of our Board of Managers include her over 40 years of experience in the international asset management industry, including significant experience serving as CEO of multiple investment institutions. In addition, her experience as a pioneer in the development of social impact products for institutional and high net worth investors affords her a unique perspective on the evolving world of impact investing and these insights will be valuable to us.

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Paul Sanford, Chief Investment Officer

Paul Sanford

Chief Investment Officer

Paul Sanford has served as our Chief Investment Officer since our formation in April 2012. In addition, Mr. Sanford has served as the Chief Investment Officer of our Advisor since its formation in April 2012 and as Chief Investment Officer of our Sponsor since July 2011.

From September 2007 until July 2011, Mr. Sanford was Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer for a Los Angeles-based boutique Registered Investment Advisor, where he was responsible for developing and implementing the firm’s Global Investment Strategy, performing manager due diligence, and managing all fund investment relationships. Mr. Sanford’s extensive experience in the banking and investment industry also includes portfolio manager positions at Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Morton Capital Management.

Mr. Sanford has over eighteen years of experience developing, managing and executing global macro investment strategies at both large global banks and boutique investment firms. Throughout his career, Mr. Sanford has followed and invested in emerging markets as part of his various investment mandates, including conducting extensive research on developing economies and reviewing and selecting leading managers of emerging market debt and equities, most prominently as Portfolio Manager for Latin American accounts at the U.S. Private Bank of HSBC. Mr. Sanford has a deep understanding of macroeconomics and geopolitics, and an in-depth knowledge of traditional and alternative asset classes in both public and private capital markets. For over a decade, Mr. Sanford has been a global macro investor with a focus on Central Bank policy, GDP growth trends, global interest rates, global currencies and foreign government policies.

Mr. Sanford holds a B.A. in Business Economics from California State University, Long Beach and previously served in the United States Marine Corps. He is a member of the CFA Society of Los Angeles and the CFA Institute. Mr. Sanford serves on the Investment Committee for the City of Hope, an independent biomedical research, treatment and education institution, leading the fight to conquer cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening diseases.

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Brent VanNorman, President

Brent VanNorman, Esq., CPA

Chief Compliance Officer, Secretary, and Manager

Brent L. VanNorman has served as our Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary since October 2013 and as a Manager since December 2014. Mr. VanNorman served as our Chief Financial Officer from August 2014 to February 2019, as our Chief Operating Officer from August 2014 to February 2019, and as Interim Chief Financial Officer from October 2013 to until his appointment as Chief Financial Officer in August 2014. In addition, Mr. VanNorman has served as President of our Advisor since October of 2013.  Mr. VanNorman also served as Chief Operating Officer of our Advisor from October 2013 to August 2018, and as Chief Financial Officer of our Advisor from October 2013 until January 2017. Mr. VanNorman has served as President of our Sponsor since November 2015 and continues as President in a part-time role as he transitions to retirement from our Sponsor.

In November 2013, Mr. VanNorman began serving in a part-time capacity as General Counsel for CCG Systems, Inc (“CCG”), a provider of fleet management software. In May 2018 he increased his role at CCG by becoming Executive Vice President & General Counsel and continued in that capacity when CCG sold the majority of its assets to TT Faster LLC. He currently serves TT Faster LLC in a part-time capacity as its General Counsel. Mr. VanNorman has also served on the Board of Directors of CCG since August of 2015. In addition, Mr. VanNorman served on the Board of Directors of IMPACT International, a not-for-profit organization from 2004 until 2015.

Prior to joining us, Mr. VanNorman served as a key member of the Intellectual Property and Litigation Team for the international law firm of Hunton & Williams LLP, beginning his practice there in August 2000, and terminating when he joined the Company. Prior to practicing law, Mr. VanNorman served as a Chief Information Officer for The Title Office, where he managed the accounting, data processing and marketing departments along with 15 of the company’s 42 offices.  Prior to his tenure at The Title Office, Mr. VanNorman was a Senior Manager with the international CPA firm of Crowe Horwath where he oversaw large consulting projects in the firm’s Systems Consulting Group. In addition to appearing in many federal courts throughout the country and at all levels in the Virginia state court system, Mr. VanNorman is a patent attorney. He is also a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Computer Programmer and is certified in Production and Inventory Management. Mr. VanNorman graduated magna cum laude from Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana, with majors in Accounting and Computer Science. He was recognized as the Outstanding Accounting graduate. Mr. VanNorman graduated summa cum laude, from Regent University School of Law and was recognized as the Outstanding Law School Graduate in addition to being Editor-in-Chief of the school’s law review. He has served as an adjunct law professor at his alma mater. Mr. VanNorman is Gloria S Nelund’s brother-in-law. Mr. VanNorman brings a breadth of experience in business, accounting, data processing, and the law to the Sponsor’s management team.

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Scott Hall, Chief Operating Officer

Scott Hall

Chief Operating Officer

Scott T. Hall has served as our Chief Operating Officer since February 2019, Chief Operating Officer of the Advisor since August 2018, Chief Compliance Officer of the Advisor since March 2019, and Chief Compliance Officer of the Sponsor since March 2019.

Prior to joining the Advisor, Mr. Hall was the Chief Operating Officer of RS Funds Distributor, LLC, a limited purpose broker/dealer that serves as the distributor for RS Investments, from September 2012 until December 2016. Mr. Hall was retired from December 2016 until August 2018. Prior to his role of Chief Operating Officer of RS Funds Distributor, Mr. Hall served as the Director of Client Operations for RS Investments, a $30 billion San Francisco-based asset manager, beginning his tenure at RS Investments in July 1999. While at RS Investments, Mr. Hall was responsible for the mutual fund operations team, negotiating third party service agreements, developing policies and procedures and was instrumental in launching the broker/dealer. Mr. Hall also served as a member of the Disclosure Controls and Compliance Systems Committees and chaired the Distribution Oversight Committee at RS Investments. Mr. Hall graduated from San Diego State University with a B.S. in Financial Services.

Mark Tipton, Chief Financial Officer

Mark Tipton

Chief Financial Officer

Mark A. Tipton has served as our Chief Financial Officer since February 2019, as Chief Financial Officer of the Advisor since January 2018, and as Chief Financial Officer of the Sponsor since October 2017.

Prior to joining the Advisor, Mr. Tipton worked as Vice President of Logistics at SYNNEX Corporation, building the Reverse Logistics division from a start-up to a multi-million-dollar business and establishing key vendor relationships with leading tech brands, from March 2008 until July 2015. Mr. Tipton worked with these brands to develop processes that prevented $200 million of used consumer electronic devices from filling waste disposal sites. Instead, they were tested and either fully recycled or prepared for global resale into primarily developing economies. Mr. Tipton was retired from July 2015 until October 2017.

Prior to his tenure at SYNNEX, Mr. Tipton served as the Chief Financial Officer at New Age Electronics, Inc., where he managed all financial aspects of the company, from September 1998 until March 2008. Most notably, Mr. Tipton was instrumental in the growth of the company’s annual revenue from $140 million to over $1 billion, facilitated the close of a $250 million asset-based lending facility, and was involved in the $150 million sale of the company to SYNNEX Corporation. Previously, Mr. Tipton was the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at a boutique broker-dealer/bond trading desk/investment advisor, where he managed all operating facets and financial activities of the firm. Mr. Tipton graduated from California State University, Northridge with a B.S. in Finance and Accounting. Additionally, Mr. Tipton was an audit manager in the financial services department of an international public accounting firm and maintains an active Certified Public Accountant license.
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