Measuring Impact

TriLinc's unique focus on impact investing means that investment opportunities will be carefully selected based, in part, on the target company's commitment to sustainable business practices and their potential to generate positive, measurable impact on the people, community or region in which they operate. TriLinc utilizes its proprietary TriLinc Impact Management Engine ("TIME") system, which incorporates many of the leading impact industry standards to help analyze, measure and report on the ongoing impact of its investments.

TriLinc: Measuring Impact

We will also exclude investments that appear on the World Bank Group's International Finance Corporation ("IFC") Exclusion List. Such businesses include those that engage in the production of weapons, liquor, tobacco products, radioactive products, unbonded asbestos fibers, or any product or activity deemed illegal under host country laws or international conventions. In addition, gambling enterprises, certain types of forestry and fishing, and any enterprise that involves exploitative forms of forced or child labor are prohibited.