Investment Portfolio

As of 9/30/231

icons for tgif investment portfolio 9-30-23


1Information concerning portfolio holdings is as of the date indicated. Portfolio holdings are subject to change. Investments illustrated do not include cash balances or money market investments.
2Total Investments represents the total amount of borrower commitments as of the date noted above.
3TGIF is not required to follow a specific industry classification system, and further, while several industry classification systems widely used by the investment industry currently exists, TGIF believes that these traditional industrial classification systems, including Standard Industrial Classification codes, do not accurately reflect the sustainable nature of certain of TGIF’s investments and, in some cases, may be misleading. The market sectors defined by TGIF is based on a proprietary industry classification system it believes accurately reflects the sustainable nature of its borrowers’ investments.
4The number of borrower company employees represent the number of permanent full-time and part-time employees reported by each borrower company at the time of initial TGIF financing or during the borrower company’s latest annual review and is based on the IRIS Metric of Permanent Employees.